Not a day goes by when

I do not long to feel

Your soft gentle skin

You’ve been on my mind

For quite some time

I have this urge

But I just can’t shake it

I try to exercise some self-control

But I just can’t help it

Or fake it

It’s your touch

I can’t resist it

I want to feel your warmth

Hear your heart soul and spirit

I long for the day

Where we take it to the next level

But to be touched by you

That’s a day that I long for the most

Wrapped up in your soft pillowy arms

At the end of the day

Again, your warmth

Soothes my savage beast

Your sweet lips I taste

As sweet as Chardonnay

My fingers go up and down

The contour of your voluptuous frame

As we hold each other tight

Wrapped up in your arms

Is where I wanna be

Everyday and every night

Wrapped around your arms

As I cherish this embrace

Wrapped up in your arms

Each day

Puts a smile on my face

Wine and candlelight

An appropriate occasion

As we hold hands

And gaze into the night

This moment I cherish

Very much

At the end of the day

I long for your touch

© Robert Julius 2013