So many things have happened this past month and a half, already I’m tempted to do a year in review.  But I’ll have to wait for another nine and a half months until then.  Let’s just say that things are moving rapidly, but at the same time, some, not many, are at a standstill.  I won’t say what they are now, but hopefully, things will start picking up by spring.  Already I have my sights on leaving Michigan once I get my Associate’s Degree in Business.  Either south, or west.  So my plan to start doing some major hustlin’ so I can make this possible.  But for now, I’m debating whether I want to move closer to my school, or just stick it until graduation which will be in another two years (and some change) from now.  Right now, I’m focusing on my studies as well as trying to make some extra money so I keep things going.  One thing is certain, one family member is about to leave the ‘hood real soon, and hopefully the rest of us in the family will leave the ghetto as well.

Can’t wait!