Either that, or I’ve been sleepin’ these past few years.  I went to the Auto Show in Detroit last month, and due to the economy taking a major dive since the the late 90s, the auto industry has taken a huge blow, but somehow it still manages to keep on strutting along.  I was just thrown off by the charging stations in the Scion wing of Cobo Hall that night.  Folks were charging their smartphones, tablets, etc. left and right.  That’s my HTC EVO you see in the picture.  But it amazed me of how modern technology has become so accessible and convenient to the masses over the course of time.  I plan to keep my eyes open for more public places with charging stations such as these.  In some places, there are charging pads (you can even purchase them in some areas) where you lay your device on it and it being juiced up while you wait.  I’ve yet to invest in one, but having already being spoiled by using the chargers at home, work, Starbucks (or Caribou, or Bigby), even at an event i.e. the Auto Show, it is obvious that this is way more commonplace than most of us had even anticipated.