My JBass-watermarked


One of the things on my wish list for this year is to take up the Bass Guitar.  I do not at present  remember how my interest peaked on this instrument.  With a lot of things I’ve gone through in recent years (the list is too long to name), this was a form of stress-relief, not to mention gives me something to do.  And thanks to my partial experience with guitar, it helped bring me up to speed on the instrument.  So I currently have my very first bass-a Squier 70s-style Jazz Bass-on layaway, and thanks to some videos from YouTube, as well as some of the salespeople at Guitar Center who are also bassists.  And I’ll be having it home in a few days.  So learning some licks from ear, and picking up some licks of my own. And actually following Mark White (bassist for the Spin Doctors) on the social networks, I’ve been using him for a reference in recent months.  So with my busy schedule, I’ll squeeze in what time that I can squeeze in for practice (I will definitely be blowing up YT tutorials on this for a while).

With that in mind, I’m just gonna play with the bass, learn some things, and just have some fun with it.  It’s taken my mind off a lot of (crap) since I’ve touched one.  Odd thing is, I don’t remember what turned me onto it.  It’ll come back down the road.