I will not hesitate to submit that I am a fan of HTC, but my biggest (complaint) is the battery life on their products are piss-poor.  Now I am eligible for an early upgrade at very low price.  But seeing that I’m now on my own again, and trying to figure out how am I going to maintain mom’s old house on the income I currently make, I’m very strapped for cash right now.  I was at the Sprint Store and I was in a months-long debate between the S4 Vs. the iPhone 5 and while I will not yet reveal which phone I will between now and summer, but I’m down the wire, and that’s all I’m gonna say for now.  High Tech Computer makes some butt-kickin’ products, but again, their battery life blows BIG TIME!  And that even includes the extended life battery which is just as bad if not worse!  So with that being said, until HTC improves its battery life, consider my ties with you indefinitely severed as soon as I upgrade!