Well, it is official.  Yours truly has finally gotten his wish and has crossed over to Apple, and has an iPhone.  For years I have been wanting one.  At the time, it was only available through AT&T.  Been there, done that.  I was with Verizon at the time, and Steve Jobs was not very thrilled with AT&T’s services, so to VZW the iPhone would go!  And here’s where I wanna kick myself to this day;  most of us-myself included-knew that this would happen, and due to some disappointments with Verizon, I left.  And right after that, what happened?  You guessed it, the iPhone had branched out to Verizon.  Fast forward the clocks two years down the road.  After a ten-year off-and-on relationship with VZW, I eventually wound up crossing over to Sprint.  Despite some inconveniences with them, it wasn’t as bad as I had made them out to be.  Long story short, the iPhone had branched out to Sprint as well, boosting its popularity.  Steve Jobs would be very proud right now.  Now, the iPhone had spread its wings to T-Mobile.  I only pray to God that Apple hasn’t committed suicide with that one.  I still got this sour taste in my mouth from those jokers to this day.  

I’ll say this:  I love my new phone!  Already I got haters hatin’, but they’ll get over it.  I’ll take it one step further:  I’ve had this phone for two days.  I’ve more with my iPhone in 48 hours than I could do with a android smartphone IN A FRICKIN’ MONTH!  Beat that, jack.

Maybe Sprint was a good choice despite most people telling me to avoid them for years.  But some of my closest friends (even relatives) are longtime customers of Sprint, and they’ve had little or no problems with them.  And if I were to go back to Verizon despite having a ten-year history with them, I wouldn’t have the privileges that I currently have with the competition.  Even with the iPhone, my unlimited plan remained the same.  So with that in mind, I have further reason to stay put!

I cannot state it enough that I love my new phone.  I really wanted to get the iPhone 5, but the 4S is doing me justice.  It was time for an upgrade anyway, and I was offered a free iPhone 4S in the beginning, but it was an 8GB, and being a photographer and poet, I needed more space to work with.  So I paid the $100.00 for the 16GB 4S, bought a case from Otterbox, and my insurance went up a few bucks in turn raising my bill slightly higher, but I was happy to say the least.  But just a few minutes prior to that, I was offered the LG Optimus G, and in spite of the good reviews from it, two things:  LG put a bitter taste in my mouth during the ten years I stayed with Verizon.  The best models from Lucky-Goldstar was the LG_VX8100, one of the best phones ever sold to this day years later, and the ever-popular LG_Chocolate.  I had one.  Gotta give props here, LG outdid itself with that one, but once the iPhone hit the shelves, and eventually crossed over to Verizon, party over, baby!  Personally, I think it was designed to compete with the iPod, but that’s just my opinion.  After all my recollections of my past dealings with LG, both good and bad, it was iPhone or bust.  And the Galaxy S4 had just come out.  I may still play with it, but I’m too attached to my iPhone.  The only major thing that I don’t like about my phone is that unlike the droid phones, you can’t adjust the memory, so if it gets to filled up, then you have to dump some things.  But I can do more multi-tasking with the iPhone than I could any android, so again, I am happy!

This ain’t the best I’ve said about my iPhone, but who cares if the model that I bought was an obsolete model (still brand new though)?  I’m just glad that I got one after years of fantasizing over it.  Another dream has turned into a reality!   This is only the beginning.