Well, I am now in my third semester of school, and it feels good to say the very least.  I truly do regret not finishing while I had the chance a little over a decade ago.  Water under the bridge, I guess.  But this consistency of mine is somewhat overwhelming.  I mean, I have to adjust my schedule for my other afternoon activities.  Barely had the time or energy to play with my new bass, but if I get five minutes with it, then that’s good in itself.  But this is a chance that I am seizing to better myself, to advance myself, to think outside of the box, or as Deepak Chopra suggested;  “Get rid of the box”.  Seeing that I’ve spent years of my life boxed in with the ways of  life, getting rid of it sounds very good.   Keeping the box did me no justice as it was.  But my professors are very animated and want to see us thrive outside of our comfort zone.  The second class, I have no problem with, but I’m kinda anxious about the former class, Computer Applications.  But having experience with computers, it shouldn’t be as difficult as I imagined.  Seeing that both classes have just started, we’re just going over some things for next week.  Just gotta read up just to be up on some things.  I’ve never actually used Excel or Power Point consistently, so now I have a chance to do that.  I’ll even learn how to convert files to PDF.  We just had a small taste of that, so I can’t wait until next week to find out what’s what.  Like I said before, gotta read up.  And going straight to school after work is a monster!  Now I know how mom and dad felt when they went through the same thing!  

I can tell that great things are on the verge of happening.  Some changes-God willing-will take place!