I really wish that I’d taken a before pic prior to posting this.  But I’ve been doing janitorial for almost 20 years.  It’s really fun most times, other times I’d rather be doing something else.  Going to school this past year has given me lots of perspective.  If I wanted to, I could  start a business doing this, but like I said just now, I’d rather do something else.  But I always clean up the facility where I work, but my office was very seldom cleaned.  So I had some extra time to kill, and worked through my last 15 minute break and tidied up things, got rid of some extra clutter, and tossed a whole lotta crap that I no longer needed.  I only wish that I could do likewise at my place.  Especially since I’m on my own again.  I have so much junk, stuff, and CRAP that I no longer have a purpose for.  I even got stuff on my laptop that I no longer need.  But I have a feeling that having an office and parking spot is preparing me for something greater than janitorial.  I’m majoring in business, and hope to work for myself, or at least work for a major company where I can work my way up.  I’ve been making the same wages for over 15 years, and have little to show for it.  I’ve recently shot a wedding (expect some pics real soon), and also made a small sale on eBay.  And with my Spring classes just about over, I can rest and save up for Fall and Winter classes.  I really didn’t wanna do this, but I’ve decided to transfer over to Macomb  Community College.  Despite my long history with Henry Ford Community College, but I’ve been missing my former hometown, Clinton Twp/Mt. Clemens like crazy this past year.  It’s like every time I go there, I feel like I am truly at home.  That, and I’d also like to be near my parents and my grandmother.  Not to mention the attachment that I still have to my very first home from home.  I love Detroit, it’s my birthplace, it’s home, but it’s just too jacked up.

So many things on my mind right now, it would give the word “flustered” a brand new meaning for real, baby!