Again, I embrace interracial couples as I have for many years now.  Here in Detroit, we very seldom see an Asian man and a Black woman as a couple let alone a family.  These two lovebirds have a chemistry that dates back over 30 years, and they have an anniversary coming up next month.  These two are the proud owners of Detroit’s Manila Bay (an establishment that I have a history with).  And from my observation, the place does quite well.  Me being a poet as well as a photographer, I have had the pleasure, honor, and privilege of performing poetry there and taking pictures of the performers.  My first encounter with Manila Bay was when I shot a casting call for a fashion show about two years ago in the building’s 4731 wing.  

All in all, I was happy to get to know the owners of the Bay on Grand River Avenue.  I had a blast, and Venti and Dino could make some mean beef franks (they’re almost as big as the bun), they were very down to earth, humble, laid-back and very professional.  They showed me a picture of their son on their iPhone (yes, we are Apple snobs) who is a beautiful mix of Black, Filipino and Cherokee.  I hope to see them again at the next Open Mic Night on the west side of the “D”!

My humble thanks to Venti and Dino  for this beautiful pic.