Well, what can I say about the new iOS7 other than it’s a major upgrade compared to its predecessor. It’s definitely faster, more in-depth, more accessible, more refined and easier to comprehend in some aspects. More wallpaper including some from the previous generation(s) of iPhones over the years. Yesterday, iPhone owners-myself included-blew up their Instagram accounts showing various screen shots of the new OS. Needless to say, some Android users didn’t take that very lightly, but that’s another story. I can’t throw stones because I still use my HTC EVO on occasion. So I use both. But I’ve only toyed with the iOS7 less than a day so far. That being said, I still have much more to learn about it, I barely knew the previous iOS6 after a solid two or three months of owing an iPhone twice in less than a quarter year’s time.

Some features that really blew my mind was the white background in so far, a huge majority of the applications. Right away I thought about some movies that I saw back in the 80s, I thought about some tranquil moments that I’ve had on occasion (does anybody have one these days?), even some nightclubs that I’ve seen pictures of, some art and fashion shows that I’ve attended over the years, and of course, the Apple store. So the white background is a change. My concern is how long will it last? I ask because in the previous iOS, I actually like the diversity of colors in certain apps, i.e., the notepad and iTunes. Other than that, I like the new iOS7. And one LAST thing, as Steve Jobs so eloquently stated. New ringtones (I thought most of them sucked), but here’s a twist; the ringtones and alert tones have a sub folder that has the old tones from the preceding iOS iPhones. So that Marimba tone is still there. Yes, the one that put the iPhone on the map and has been featured in dozens of movies, commercials, tv episodes, and so on and so forth. And yes, I still use it on the new iOS. Some of those tune were ok, but me pushing 40, I’ll leave that to the younger generation.

Maybe I’ll stay with Apple after all.