What can I say about this one here? More popular than FarmVille, Bejeweled Blitz, and Angry Birds combined just to name a few. I could give an opinion, but that’ll eat up more time than I can spare right now. I will not hesitate to say that this game is far more addictive than any other. Some levels you have to clear the jellies to go to the next level, others you have to bring down the ingredients i.e. fruit and nuts. And you go to the next level and you’re left wondering is there an end to all this? I’m at level 35, so I’m relatively new to the game despite being stuck on 29 for two months. But some folks I know are in the HUNDREDS! Oy vey! Yeah, where and when does the ride end? Time will tell, I guess. Only two things that I can do without: 1, that music-there’s two kinds, the slow music that’s a mix between a funeral and a carnival and 2, the fast tempo that sounds like grocery store music with a hint of make out overtures in an R-rated movie or a soap opera. Yeah, they need to renegotiate the deal on their music.

Other than that, I love Candy Crush Saga. Kills time. Another thing I don’t dig about this game is is that when your lives are full-you have five-and someone sends you extra lives, you’re still stuck with five. At least with Diamond Dash you can let your lives add up! I’m just saying.