Instagram, or “IG”, as most of us-myself included-would so often conveniently and eloquently acronym it. It’s been around for three years now, and personally I’ve enjoyed it for about a good year now. But even now it’s to the point where I can take it or leave it. But the convenience (sometimes INconvenience) of it is that if you’re a photographer like me, you often juggle your equipment whilst struggling with your smartphone (or iPhone) trying to capture the same mood with two cameras at the same time. And the hassle of adding hashtags (which Twitter made famous), and I can hashtag up a storm, too!

I say the above to say this; IG has its moments but in areas that DSLR cameras aren’t allowed, but camera phones are allowed, that’s a perfect Instagram moment. And that being said, it can be fun, but at the same time, a time waster. Twice already I had to take a breather from IG. Sometimes it just takes up too much time. I say likewise with Facebook, Tumblr, and a few other social networks.

But the fun part of IG, according to WikiPedia, Instagram originated featuring filters that were designed from the Kodak Instamatic cameras and various Polaroid models from the 1970s (which I’m obviously too young to remember). Even having more than one black and white filter kinda sweetens the pot. And depending on what electronic device you’re using, you can do virtually anything with you’re picture as far as editing goes. There are even other apps where you can make collages and link them elsewhere. And like Flickr, you can add-or in this case, record-videos on IG. And unfortunately, like Flickr, the videos are short. But depending in what you fancy, it’s sure to whet the observer’s taste buds.

So is IG friend or foe? Depends on how you use it, I guess. I’m on my second hiatus from it. I plan to do a Project 365 for 2014 and make it strictly Instagram, and if possible, strictly iPhone as well!