My photography partner/boss/friend Mary Lawler had an opportunity to shoot (another) wedding this year.  Long story short, Brandi is a longtime friend of Mary.  If I’m not mistaken, they used to work together-don’t take my word for it.  But there exists a history between this love birds.  Xzavia had a thing for her when he was younger, but lacked confidence to tell her.  Long story short, they’ve reunited years later, and the chemistry between them was spontaneous to say the very least.  No need to embellish into the backstory of their pasts-it’s unimportant-and I’m not at liberty to do that anyway.  Even if I were, I’d still wouldn’t do it!

Due to other things that have eaten up my time, I only edited (and posted) the wedding pics.  The collage you see here is the only one of the reception that I’ve posted online.  Hopefully I’ll have the rest done before the year is over.  And BTW, the pics in the collage were taken with my iPhone, posted (individually) on Instagram, used an IG app on my iPhone to make the collage, and used Ribbet (a Picnik knock-off) to add my watermark.

After I dragged and dropped from my iPhone to my computer!  More pics on the way.

If you wish to read Mary’s backstory, click on this link here.

For more photos involving the wedding, click on this link here.