I was hospitalized three times in a month due to a bug bite

Me and Mary Lawler was once hospitalized at the same time (but miles apart)

I’ve photographed two weddings this year

My mom retired

Both my mom and grandmother left the hood after decades of living there

For the first time in ten years I’m living by myself again

I’m appreciating my single life but I’m considering the dating game again

I’m showing more interest in spiritual things

I’ve TWO iPhones in less than a year’s time

I actually do MORE on my iPhone than I do my laptop and tablet combined

I’m embracing my bachelorhood more often than I have in recent

I’ve performed poetry in nightclubs

I’m trying to work out more often

I appreciate my peace of mind

I’ve decided to do away with the things that are no longer under my control

I’ve taken up bass guitar

As a born again bachelor, I’ve made up in my mind to just enjoy life as it is one day at a time