“Out with the old, in with the new”, “wipe the slate clean”, “get yer s___ together”, “get on the good foot”.

All these phrases and cliches we here all the time, but very seldom to we take them to heart. I won’t throw stones, I’m just as guilty as the ones before me and after me. This past year was definitely one to savor. With mom’s retirement and her and grandma leaving the neighbourhood, and me living by myself for the first time in a decade. Having shot two weddings to being hospitalized three times in a month, with my photography partner having her heart attack at home and I covered an entire wedding for her. Both the wedding and reception and making a nice chunk of change for myself in the process. Working out more frequently and trying to eat right, being more active with my photography, reading the Bible more often-esp. since we received an upgrade. I’ve performed poetry in nightclubs, and have received invitations to do it again, even out of state! Which I will do when circumstances allow it. So much to explain, so much to recall, so much to plan all in so little time!

That being said, I’m on the verge of finishing my final year and some change of school, and although I’m only gonna take one class this semester due to the winter season, the rest of the way, I’m taking either two, or three classes per term. I wanna get this over with, and I deeply regret NOT finishing when I had the opportunity in the early 2000s. But that’s all WTB now. I plan to be more active in the ministry as well help out in the congregation. But my goals next to those are buying a newer DSLR, going back to Verizon, losing weight and this time keep it off. I have a life list. And already I’m revising it.

I’m starting to view things differently now that I’m older and seeing the BIG picture!