“I live my life a quarter mile at a time. Nothing else matters…. For those ten seconds or less, I’m free!
-Dominic Turetto

My sentiments exactly whenever I go to planet fitness. Most of them are 24/7 whereas just a few are 24/5. Seeing that I’m approaching my fourth decade of life, I’m beginning to take my health more serious now, and I like the convenience of coming in during the midnight hours to get a whole lotta crap off my mind. Crap paying job, fake friends, ex girlfriends, how I’m gonna pay the month’s utilities, buy groceries, etc. But all nonsense aside, for that hour or less, I’m free! And when I’m free, I’m me! I’m in control of me and no one else has any dictation over me at all. I didn’t appreciate it when I was younger, but I can see the benefits of such a healthy lifestyle.

I do what I can at my age to do things differently now. I love food-especially fried foods-as well as booze. I’ve cut off McDonald’s in recent months, hopefully for good after a huge majority of the American public was informed of how McD’s treat their meats. I swore off pork two years ago due to my hypertension, briefly swore off pop, relapsed into that, and weaning myself off of it again. I also cut out beer because the last few times I had it I got real sick! Which really sucked because I prided myself on beer drinking for many years. Once or twice I snuck one, but it ain’t the same no more. I love Scotch whiskey, but I gotta tone it down along with the wine if I’m gonna lose weight and be healthy again. So last night was my last consumption of Pinot Grigio that I bought this past weekend.

So this brief backstory explains itself as far as this adventure goes. And the best time for me to be at Planet Fitness is during the midnight hours when it’s empty. I have most the equipment to myself, I can concentrate, even lose myself to my iTunes playlist that I exclusively entitled “Work Out”! So again, the convenience of coming in at virtually any time during a 24-hour period is a beautiful thing that I utilize at any given opportunity. At my age, I’m learning not to take my health for granted!

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