Man, I never thought I’d see the day that I’d frequently be shaving hair out of my nose let alone my face! Good thing is I can breathe better. No worse thing in this world other than boogers and hair simultaneously obstructing your breathing pattern, literally!

Again, I ask, where have the years gone? I mean, 39 is just months away, and I have yet to do the things that I really wanna do! I made up in my mind that before (or after) I turn 40 officially, I’m gonna shift my working career elsewhere! I just can’t see anyone working a 30 year job and expect a huge retirement package these days. And this is why after an eleven-year absence, I went back to school! And I think it was the best thing yet! And with a good year and some change before graduation, this will something worth adding to my bucket list.

I’m realizing that at my age that, dating has resurfaced in my brain, but yet I’m still trying to get over these old chapters that need to be closed for good. Trying to do/learn new things in life, getting my spiritual life back in order, there’s a lot that I wish to do before I get too old. One of my financial advisor’s recommended getting a license doing what she does-sell plans to future retirees-sure beats the stressful job of bringing home less than average. Now this job sounds very risky, but I’ll try anything once. At my age, not attempting anything is just as dangerous as trying and failing!

One more year (and some change) of Summer left. It’s now or never!