I really should start buying some stock in Kroger. It has got to be one of America’s biggest conglomerates in grocery store competition although Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods are virtually neck and neck for best organic grocery chain!

Ok, I went off-topic a little bit, but as I’ve been blogging about my age for a good month or so, decade number four is lurking about, so I try to prepare myself to be ready when my summer years come to a close! But as of late, I’ve been eating my food mostly baked, very seldom will I eat fried foods. And I’m trying to think to myself: “Healthy!” I’ve limited my alcohol consumption down to the weekend (something mom recommended years ago), I’ve lost about 15 pounds these past few weeks despite overdoing it with food and drink. But going to the gym during the midnight hours has been helping me out as of late. Even then, especially at my age (there I go again), I eat with a different view in mind, and I try out different things. And I am seriously considering becoming a vegan. But I’m not ready to give up meat just yet. I swore off pork two years ago, I very seldom will eat red meat, I cut beer out due to a health scare. I might sneak one on occasion, but I’d rather not risk it. So wine takes its place. Besides, it’s healthier, but if consumed in moderation. But my views on food and health have changed these past few months. I’ve been very fortunate to only take one medicine this past decade, I’ve recently gotten back into my fish oil vitamins, and there’s still some things that I wish to accomplish, and one of them is to make a larger-if not supplementary-income. I have heard from all walks of life that the first thing that’s required is better health. So next to seeking first God’s Kingdom, being in good health brings forth many blessings, I’ve found out.

I also go to the gym with a different view in mind. No longer do I go with the intention of looking like Schwarzenegger, Haney, Ferrigno, Yates, or Coleman. Not saying that it can’t happen, I go there to relieve stress, focus, and feel like I can contribute something positive to the world and not be a statistic of, or the next poster boy of poor health. If I’m competing against anybody, it’s me! But I appreciate the fact that when I put my clothes on, they slide right on! No better feeling. I’ve considered rejoining Weight Watchers, but I’ll wait. I do regret not staying with them, but I’m making up for the time lost!