I really feel sorry for anyone who’s past the age of consent who never took the time to learn how to drive. Even those who did never graduated to Drivers License status. I say that to say this: I took both having a car and a license for granted. Accidents, tickets, points, high insurance, just to name a few or better. All this between the ages of 18 and 22. And now, being older, mature, and way more experienced behind the wheel. Everyday I practice driving, and get better everyday.

Back to what I was saying at the outset, there are some who refuse to learn how to drive because of the high mortality rate here in Michigan. Others just have weak nerves (those are the people I’d rather NOT have in my vehicle with me), some just lack resources, while with other people, it wasn’t a priority at the time until they were in a position to do so down the road. I had a teacher who (I didn’t know this until after he died) never drove a car in his life until before-or after-his wife had passed. I had an aunt who didn’t start driving until she was 60 (what was she waiting for all those years?!?). I even had a friend who wanted to learn how to drive, and she was 65-ish at the time, and I was 18! Red flag right there! And during my years with the Board of Ed., we had some idiots who were either reckless behind the wheel, or got busted for having open bottles of alcohol or illegal substances which resulted in them losing their license and years of fees and without transportation. That being said, I was in my 20s, and I finally got the message when I bought a car, and full coverage (FOOL coverage if you stay IN Detroit) insurance went through the roof! I’ve been walking-or in this case, driving-on eggshells ever since.

Another thing that made me catch on was in late ’97 I was in a very bad accident. I got hit so hard I went from one side of an intersection diagonally to the other side of the same intersection. If it weren’t for that seat belt, I’d be face first into the passenger side doorjamb! I thank Jehovah to this day for that seat belt. I was rocked from the drivers seat to the floor of the passenger side and was jerked back in place. My car was totaled, but was eventually driveable again. But I had to endure a very bitter winter season without a car. It wasn’t the first time I wasn’t without a car during this time of year, but that afternoon in October 1997, that was the last! And I learned one vital thing above all else: This is NOT the time of year to be without transportation! It also helps to put away any distractions while you’re behind the wheel! And with virtually every vehicle being manufactured with all the bells and whistles, that’s kinda hard to do despite some conveniences that come with it. But I appreciate having a whip (car, that is) this time of year. I’ll never take it for granted again!

Spring, summer, even fall seasons I can see being without a ride, but winter, I don’t think so!