“There is an appointed time for everything, A time for every activity under the heavens…” -Ecclesiastes 3:1

That being said, I’ll say this; If you were to tell me that we’d be blogging on our cell phones, I’d say you were flipping crazy! Let alone blogging every single day. I haven’t blogged this consistently since MySpace! I have rid myself of my old MySpace page and have made a new one, I just don’t use it for the reason that MySpace has-in my opinion- run its course. And I’ve been with other domains over the years: Yahoo! 360, Tumblr, Blogger, and WordPress. And I’ve been with WordPress the longest.

If you’ve noticed, I’ve started blogging on an everyday basis. Me being a photographer and artist, I’ll either take a snapshot or a sketch or do some computer art with my iPhone (or laptop) and compose my thoughts on my (iPhone) notepad, copy and paste to either WordPress or Tumblr, add tags, and it’s a done deal. I found myself doing that more and more often. And the more I do it, the more enjoyable it is. I embrace this form of creativity, I view it as a purifying of the soul, as it were. All my thoughts, goals, ambitions, hopes and dreams are recorded and documented for future references to come. I’ve also recently started my third #Project365 for 2014. I try to make each one better than the last one. Some photographers/bloggers who I follow are already on their seventh year with it! And I posed a challenge to myself that if this year’s 365 project will be a success like the previous two I’ve done, I’ll try my hand and do two in a row! January’s just about over, so month number one is wrapping up as we speak! One thing different that I did with project was that I did not want to limit this one to Flickr as it was made popular over the years. And with the convenience of smartphones and tablets, I can take this one elsewhere. So I currently use Instagram and Pinterest for my 365. So I’m pushing myself even further here: my 365 for 2014 on TWO social networks, blogging everyday if circumstances permit, working out before work, paying the bills, buying groceries, making sure there’s gas in the car, makings my meetings at the Kingdom Hall, checking on my parents and other family members, consistent Bible study, watching what I eat, job hunting, and whatever else consumes my time in a reasonable fashion, I go for it!

That was very long winded!

One last thing. My views on blogging has recently changed for the same reasons likewise about working out. I get to let out a LOT of things-good and bad-that have been bottled up in me for a long time. So I blog more consistently now for a different reason, one that I mentioned earlier in this entry. To document the progress of my daily life whether it be good or bad, a success or a failure. Either way, I’m realizing that it’s good to document the goings-on in your life to see what needs improvement. Just sayin’.