Earlier in the month, I entitled a entry called “A New Chapter”. And after yesterday’s service at the Hall, I was having wall-to-wall epiphanies left and right about not only how I live my life behind closed doors as well in public, but also how well I’ve really had it. Still single, no wife, no kids. Still have good health, faring better than most, and being a child and grandchild that my parents and grandparents were proud of. I still, on occasion, feel this emptiness of not having my twin brother around, but the possibility of seeing him [again] has strengthened my faith in the resurrection that was promised by Jesus Christ at John 5:28, 9 and Revelation 21:3, 4.

But after conversing with one of the older sisters in the congregation, we talked at length about children, and health, and it hit me! I’m still bitter over failed relationships and I realized how much better I turned out after the fact! Think about it, I’m 38, live by myself, back in school, on the verge of making a career change, I work out at every window of opportunity, and not to brag, but I’m only taking ONE medicine! And yet I cry and (complain) about the stuff I don’t have. There are people younger than me-I won’t name names-who are on multiple meds. And I really didn’t know how good I had it until recently. I’d love to marry one day, but already I have too many things set in motion at present. That being said, I’m considering making this blog about my everyday personal life and the adventures that come with it, I have two Tumblr accounts, one of them I plan to make my official photography website no later than March of this year, and the other one I’m deleting next month because time will not allow me to manage three blogs let alone two. And with my third 365 project in progress, already I’m trying to figure out where I’m gonna post the next year’s set. I’ve done two on Flickr, and my current one on Instagram. And I’m thinking about deleting my Instagram after my 365 is up, but I also post the same pics on Pinterest. I’ll delve into why I’m thinking about cutting off my IG page down the road, like I said, it’s just a thought.

I’m currently trying to save for a deposit for an apartment as well as moving costs. And I have a TON of crap to put on eBay. So tomorrow after work, God willing, I don’t have school or the Hall to attend, so that might be a good time to start. And that’s another thing that I need to get back into. One time I made more money in ten minutes than I did in an hour’s pay, made more money in one hour than I did in a day! Where I messed was I got complacent and all that good cash got to my ego. Trying to have a different outlook on these matters now that I’m older.

First month of the year, and already things are beginning to take place as I write a new chapter in my book!