Well, our public schools have been closed for two days straight, and I’m just chilling here at work. If anything, I just gotta do some touch up after a major overhaul yesterday. Trying to muster up my courage to look elsewhere for work, after making up in my mind that I was gonna look into business jobs because that’s what I’m majoring in. I also made up my mind that I wanna leave the hood by the end of this year. That being said, I’m currently saving for a deposit for an apartment. I do not know where I’d like to relocate other than somewhere safe, convenient, and accessible. The city offers very little of it at present, but with our new mayor in town, that may be changing soon. Personally, I love Detroit. Born in Midtown, raised in Ravendale (not much is there now), grew up all over the east side, attended public schooling, even vocational and college. I even lived in Clinton Twp. for about a year. But this city, despite having a white mayor-first one in forty years-has a lot of cleaning up to do. I’m currently attending Henry Ford Community College in Dearborn, a suburb annexing Detroit’s west side. And I’m debating whether or not I want to relocate closer to my school, or do want to relocate back to Macomb County, but as far as Warren or St. Clair Shores between now and graduation. And with so much going on in the area, I’m at a crossroads as to where I wanna be after graduation. I’ve been making these matters a matter of prayer as of late. One thing is certain; after 32 years of staying in the same area, and things keep getting worse and worser, it’s time to move on!

I recently recreated my old Blogger account bearing the same name as the one here on WordPress. In the event that WP should crash or fold up. Besides the fact that Blogger was one of my first homes in the blogosphere, WordPress has been good to me for the last five years. And it’s the only blog that I’ve been consistent with! And with the convenience of being able to blog on my phone, although I have yet to master hyper linking on it (I can, I just don’t wanna go through all that hassle, I’m using a cell phone, for God’s sake), why leave now when I’m unlocking secrets as I go as far as the iPhone goes? Now I will say this, I’m focused of these things:
My new Tumblr account,
http://www.jvlivsphotography.tumblr.com, that’s gonna be my new webpage when my account with JustHost expires. This current account on WordPress, I plan to make this my personal website where I can blog about my everyday life, as well as post my poetry, short stories, videos, even some artwork that I’ve done over the years-including a link to my eBay store! Which reminds me, I meant to do this yesterday, but I plan to put a whole bunch of stuff on eBay so I can save further for school and a deposit on an apartment.

I brought it up before, and I’m gonna bring it up again, it feels GOOD to once again live by myself! I was 27 when I first moved out, and it wasn’t successful, I’m on my own again ten years and some change later with a totally new outlook on matters. I took it for granted the first time, and I won’t do that again! This is coming from the mouth of a man who’s gonna be 40 soon! So messing around is out of the question! Like that song goes: “…decide what to be, and go be it.”