I was on Instagram yesterday and found out that one of my pictures of the new Lexus LFA was featured on Toyota Racing Development (TRD). I was very honored that they saw my pic on Tumblr (my future official photography website), and put it on Instagram and tagged me in it. I really hope to hear from Toyota again. No offense to the Big Three (what’s left of ’em anyway), but if ANY automaker calls me for a photo shoot, even though I’m currently in school, I’m packing it up and jumping ship!

The only downside is that because my Instagram account is private, I only get hits from those who follow me whereas TRD’s IG page is public and any picture that they post albeit from their own sources or from a fan such as myself, gets unlimited hits! Thankfully, my picture got less than 400 hits in just under a 24-hour period!

A nice way to begin the new year!