As I look back on this past decade that I lived with moms and her moving out last year, I look back and see a woman who, as a single (divorced) mom who did everything in her power to make sure that her only (surviving) child was taken care of. I had another epiphany last night, one that both my grandparents and my parents had told me my entire life; they’re not gonna be around forever to shelter me and take care of me as they have done in my early life. And for the first time, I actually missed having mom around! But it finally sank in that with my grandmother being an octogenarian, and my parents in their 60s, even though my childhood wasn’t the greatest, but it wasn’t the worst, either, I really had it good. And me being a man, it’s a blow to my ego to I admit that I’ve taken a lot for granted these past ten years. Parents, grandparents, relatives, jobs, credit, money, even relationships, cars, anything and everything under the sun that remains in my possession I showed little regard for it, and now that I’m on my own again, I’m staring to see a bigger picture.

I know I’m not gonna stay in the hood forever, and already I’m looking into other jobs, a reasonable apartment, I’m even considering dating again. I remember saying that if I could have just one year to myself, ONE YEAR, just to see if I have what it takes to manage a household, I’ll consider it. It’ll be a year in March, so it’s go time for me! But my main focus is on finishing school, and getting a job conducive to General Business, seeing that’s what I’m majoring in. I frequent my hometown Clinton Twp. often. It’s obvious that I wanna move back, so I will make that a matter of prayer. I liked it because my insurance was low, energy bill was reasonable, it was safer, convenient, and integrated. And the Kingdom Hall that I once attended, that was very integrated. That being said, my heart has never left Clinton Township/Mt. Clemens. I miss the quiet and the diversity and the neighbors watching out for each other. Hopefully after graduation, I’ll relocate to that area, stay there for a few years, and then leave Michigan. But for now, I’m saving for a deposit for an apartment, and if it’s God’s will, I’ll be outta this neighborhood by the year’s end. I don’t know where I wanna move to right away, but after graduation, back to CT! That’s my focal point.