Gonna make this as to the point as much as possible. I remember posting some time ago that I’d cut off all ties with Tumblr on the issues of folks liking/reposting stuff, but when you see what they have, it’s something you wouldn’t want your mother to see, unless she leads a loose life, for lack of much better words (in the words of Jesus, “let the reader use discernment”). Long story short, when I left Tumblr, I’d noticed that more folks who shared my beliefs were on it. So I’m recent years, I gave it another go after some trial and error, and next thing I knew, Tumblr made a way to “brush off” people who like/repost your stuff, yet they have questionable material on theirs! So instead of going through the rigmarole of copying and pasting the URL to block that person, just go to the list of followers and ignore them. Heckuva lot easier than the former method, I tell ya!

My original reason(s) for joining Tumblr was because-thanks to Gary Vaynerchuk-it was, and still remains, the best blog site amongst the blogosphere, if you advertise a business, Tumblr is the way to go. If you wish to build a website, or write an online magazine or any other kind if media, Tumblr is the place to be! I wish I had waited it out now, but I’m glad I’m back on it. And as advertised, I’m gonna use Tumblr to be my professional photography website some time next month. And with this month being very short, my time is gonna be very limited, so I’m firing on all cylinders at this point!