It feels good to once again be in my sketchbooks. Nowhere near as good as I was as a teenager, but I’m willing to do it all over again, and this time, do it right even if it means drawing things that I don’t wanna draw. I’ve found out in recent years that the same principle applies likewise to photography and design. That being said, the comfort zone is out of the question. I had forgotten that things like this can be therapeutic, soul-soothing, and spirit healing. And having a longtime obsession with shapes, I thought I’d do some three-dimensional (3-D) drawings with various colours. Having been doing this for the past several days, again, it’s a form of relaxation. Kinda took my mind off things my mind has virtually no business entertaining (the list is too long as it is). So whilst on my lunch break, I took the time to add some primary and secondary colours to the rectangles that I drew in my sketch. Like I said, it ain’t my best, but it’s a start to say the least!