I’ll give Apple credit where credit is due, they protect their investments as well as their customers. I recently bought some extra storage because my iPhone was full, but at a small price. Due to a failed backup from late last year, I had some beautiful poems on my notepad that have yet to see the light of day on the internet, let alone performed in nightclubs, and now I’ve lost them! I regret not backing them up properly now. But thankfully I have a clean slate again! My old notes from late 2012 might be floating around somewhere on my GMail. If that’s true, then I just gotta find ’em (wishful thinkin’)!

I say all that to say this: I converted to Apple for these reasons; I’ve always wanted an iPod, check! I’ve always wanted an iPhone, check! Apple is easier to comprehend and easy to use most times. And Apple has little or no viruses. Which would explain the frequent updates that come so often. At times I do miss the iOS6, but iOS7 has served its purpose well these past several months despite being upgraded in a now-obsolete iPhone model. And in the comparison of apples and oranges, I still use my HTC EVO, but not as often. Of all the Android phones I’ve owned over the years, Apple knocks ’em out clean! I had so many problems with the Androids it was sickening. Time will not allow me to go in detail about it, but this is one of those rare occasions that the grass is actually greener on the other side of the fence, figuratively speaking. And if the iPhone 6 is anything like they say it is, then I’m in line for it when it comes out.

In closing I’ll say this. I’ll admit that after a year of owning an iPhone, that I’ve been sucked into a vortex that I doubt that I’ll ever leave. True, for those who switched over and are irritated by the frequent updates, think about the Android users who have to contend with constant crashing all the time. I’ll take the frequent updating (which is convenient in the long run) over crashing (a major headache) any day of the week. I remember I’d caught so much flak over my conversion, Android users-my mother included-called me a “sellout”, “traitor”, and even a “snob”. Whereas I was embraced by fellow iPhone users who have welcomed me to “the dark side”, some even placed me amongst their ranks as an “elitist”. Either way, I’m doing me, and I lovin’ it!