I’ll just get to the point. It’s fun, it’s creative, it lets me purge out a lot of things on the brain-esp. the negative things i.e. frustration, anxiety, bitterness, etc. And when I recently discovered via Google blogging everyday and using my iPhone as a means to take/download a picture and give a backstory to each one, you couldn’t stop me! It was on then. I even broke down and started hyper linking on my phone! Since I’ve owned this phone this past year, I have utilized virtually every convenience on this thing so far. Obviously, there is much more to learn. And most times I don’t have the patience to read a manual-if I have to, then I will-most times I can skate by either watching a YouTube tutorial, or just wing it as I go! The latter was way more convenient.

Back to the subject at hand. I do this to keep a record of my everyday life to see where I’m progressing in some areas, and not so well in others. Many a subject were on the brain since this year began. That being said, I’m taking them all on one at a time. But it gives me something to think about as well as something to create as well. I oftentimes view blogging the way a talk show host views his/her subjects; sometimes, you can know what you’re gonna talk, or, in this case, blog about just days before it occurs. Whereas some days, you mind is a blur and you have to think of something random just to stay current (or consistent). I also do it because I’m at the age where I want to challenge myself with new things. Blogging everyday was one, doing so on my iPhone was another, and working on my third #Project 365 and this time using two social networks instead of one, getting back into drawing again, and a few other things that I try to juggle in my busy schedule including going to school, as well as the Kingdom Hall twice a week, and working out for the first time in 30 days! So I’m very busy these days. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Hope this answered questions for somebody.