Gotta vent today. I was hoping that today’s entry would not be job related, but it is! I work at a school bus terminal not too far from home and while I appreciate the conveniences I have of being on days, and making my meetings at the Hall as well as going to school. But I’m getting very flustered because I’m trying my best after two suspensions last year to stay on top of my game. And I guess this winter season is taking a toll on everybody. And where I work, you have anybody within the region of 150-300 people coming in and out twice a day! And having to mop two hallways sometimes twice a day can be frustrating because of the snow. But what set me off was that the bus drivers and attendants see me mopping the floor and they walk on it anyway even when the wet floor signs are down! Now keep in mind, there’s two exits on both floors and these idiots don’t have the good sense to use the other exit out of consideration for me-the ONLY janitor in the joint-doing my job! And on occasion, I would even tell them to walk the other way, some would, and some wouldn’t. That being said, I give up. I don’t even see the point of mopping these floors and I keep getting all this traffic before and after! At a time like this, I really wish that I could just dump a list of obscenities a mile long to express my truest emotions right now, but had I done that, even for valid reason, I’d be labeled a hypocrite. Having said that, I have to handle this matter differently!

To those of you fresh out of high school, and this is your gig, don’t make a career out of this, it’ll get you nowhere! Bad enough I spent 18 years doing this! Two more and I’m done, come what may.

I’m done!