It’s been a long time since I invested some time into my eBay business. Now with the convenience of my iPhone, it takes a lot of guess work out of doing it the old-fashioned way. Just take a picture, describe your item, and post! But in this case, I’m using both the old and new method at the same time. Writing down at length the description of the items that I’m selling informing the customer that “what you see is what you get”, leaving him/her the option of taking the risk to buy whatever it is that I post on “The Bay” as it were. I know much has changed, and I’m trying to get back into the swing of things. That being said, I realize now that if I’m gonna do this, then I must be more consistent with it. Because my last run on eBay, I got so complacent with the money I made, I just stopped altogether. And after work yesterday, I threw myself into taking pictures while writing down the description of my items whilst charging my iPhone, and doing more writing, then taking more pics when my iPhone was at 90%, I’d forgotten how much work had went into this seeing that I’ve done this before. And I actually said to myself; “This is work right here!” And it was, too. But I’d rather go through this than the nonsense at my peanut paying job any day of the week. I’m virtually working from home, it’s at my convenience, and depending on what sells, the money comes easy! Having said that, next to my photography business, this will be my second job until I find something way better than where I’m at now. Even then, I’m still gonna be doing this!

I never should’ve stopped! But when you know better, you do better.