Originally, I was gonna also entitle this entry with the same name as a recent one, “First Time for Everything”. Not to be pastiche, or go through any unnecessary paroxysms of any sort, but I was blown away with Starbucks’ Pick of the Week, and how easily it is to download FREE iTunes music! Now understand, I’m still new to the Apple world as far as the iPhone goes, but I’ve collected these picks long before I was even wooed to Apple. Having said that, being the proud owner of an iPhone, here’s how the game goes. You pick up a card at Starbucks that reads “Pick of the Week”, and follow the instructions on the back of that card, so simple you can either redeem your song from either your iMac, iPod touch, iPad, or iPhone! And here’s the fun part if you have the pod, pad, or phone, your mobile device gives you the option of using your camera to scan the redemption code rather than having to punch in the code (either one is optional, whatever is convenient for you). After that you have free music courtesy of Starbucks Coffee! Yes, for the very first time, I have utilized my iTunes via Starbucks. I will do this more often, God willing.

For everything there is always a first time!