For the past few years, I was wondering what this meant. Its origins date back to 1939 just months before WWII. And since the turn of this century it has resurfaced and has become more popular now than it was 75 years ago. For further information on its backstory, click on this link. Since its resurgence in 2000 (I don’t think it was in the States at that time), it has become so commonplace today it’s now a commercial item! Posters, coffee mugs, shot glasses, bumper stickers, T-shirts, etc.. It’s even to the point where you can download an app and create your own “Keep Calm” poster and post it anywhere! And yes, I was wooed into it as well. If you’ve observed on my blog in recent weeks, I’ve been using it as well. And seeing that I blog in my phone, it makes it all the more convenient. For me, at least! I’m just saying. Earlier today, I created a board on Pinterest with some “Keep Calm” designs of my own. I’ve only posted a few or more so far, but I have only just begun!