Got some rest after work to catch up on some sleep. Long story short, I barely made my 365 pic, and my blog for the day! Having said that, I’ve stated some time before I started this project that I wanted to make it more dramatic, more adventurous, more in-depth, and in just under 50 days, I think I’ve done well so far.

So before today ended, I had the option of either the Reid Building downtown, or the West Grand Blvd viaduct off of Michigan Avenue. My common sense told me to stay off the Blvd at that particular hour, so I settled for downtown. It was closer, and safer to say the least. And my original intent was to capture the Reid Bldg., and I ended up getting a shot of other buildings in the background! So I got more than what I had bargained for! And to top it off, I got it right on the very first take! I very seldom do that in photography, but I won’t complain, I’ll take it as it comes!