Man, I tell ya! With work, school, working out, Bible studying, attending my meetings at the hall, photography, blogging, and writing, it’s been a hellacious ride this first quarter so far! Now, I’m back on the eBay bandwagon, and much has changed within the past five years. What would take hours to post an item or two online I can do in virtually minutes on my iPhone! I’ve been out of touch, obviously.

Long story short, this G1 Optimus Prime that I’ve had for some years now have finally flown the coup, likewise with the Hot Wheels 2013 Auto Show Chevy Camaro. I gave a backstory behind it last year, so no need to give it again (I would link it, but time fails me at present). But the Transformer, I bought from a hobby shop, and bought it as is, five years later, sold as is! And as always, I give a backstory at length about anything that I post on eBay to maintain a sense of integrity as well as trust. And not to brag, but I have a 100% rating on eBay. I shouldn’t toot my own horn just yet, cause anything can change at any given moment! Having said that, I will bow out gracefully this evening.