I guess I’ve found out why I’m having the problems that I’ve having these past many years. With everything taking place his past year and everybody’s moving forward, it makes me wonder why I haven’t done so yet. And this picture summed it all up! While time won’t allow me to embellish on the matter, I do have just enough to submit that I have issues that had taken place that I wish I could set things straight, settle the score, as it were. I’m trying really hard to let things go, even to the point if cutting some people off, so I can keep things going. And I keep reminding myself that if I make the changes that need to be made, and let the past go, I can do whatever I want, have anything that I want. One regret that I have the most is that I never had the courage to speak up for myself. And the more I don’t do it, the more I resent myself for it! Having said that, I’ve learned that sparing one’s feelings at the expense of your own is not always a good thing. Some people, as well as things, I just have to say no to. Esp. if it’s something that I don’t wanna do in the first place, and I have reservations about it to begin with. Just venting again.
But on a positive note, I went to the gym after school tonight, so my self-esteem was boosted a little bit. And like I said before about the gym, for that hour or less, I’m free!

And I choose freedom any day.