Well, being here was a bittersweet thing. My photography partner and I was sharing memories about Elmer’s Hamburgers on the west side of Detroit. I won’t delve into the service I had today because it wasn’t all that good, but the memories I have of going there as a kid in the early 90s up until recently. We don’t have that many greasy spoon burger joints left, but everything inside and out is as vintage as any other drive, dive and dine-in joint in America. And it was owned by a caucasian family, now it’s black-owned. Again, I’ll have to delve into that later on. I’ll drop a hint, for lack of much better words, the service I had was sub-standard, and I’ll leave it at that (for now). But the food was good as always, and despite the massive water main break on West Chicago, that still didn’t stop me from getting some classic American grub!

Till next time,