Well, something positive for a change after what I’ve went through for the last 48 hours. I’ve had another epiphany today, and this passage was the theme of it! I’ve come to find out and appreciate that if one has a complete heart towards God, they can have whatever they want. Having said that, it’s got me thinking about my choices of entertainment and recreation. Nothing wrong with those things in themselves, but where I’ve gone wrong over the years, was that I let them spiral out of control, not wanting to miss anything that this world has to offer, which, in reality, ain’t that much! So balance is appropriate for the two. Having been on my own for a year now, on my second attempt, some things I must put on the back burner, even permanently if need be. And this scripture has been burning in my brain since this morning, and even though I’m enjoying my bachelor life, part of me still wants a mate, but I won’t rush, I waited this long for one, I just don’t wanna marry at an old age, and I’m halfway there as it is! But for now, I’ve got a job to do! I’ve come to accept that this job is permanent, and has the best benefits in the world. Hint: See the picture above!