One year ago this month, mom and I had parted ways. She’s enjoying her retired life in the suburbs, and I’m enjoying my freedom in the hood. As I reflect on this past year as a (two-time) independent, I’ve viewed things way different at 38 than I did when I was 28. Ten years ago, I’d eat before I paid the bills, ten years later, bills paid first, then eat. And if I’m broke, just gotta bite the bullet with rice until the following payday. Which is, thankfully, a weekly one. And having to maintain a house is no joke, I’ve also found out. I’ve been blessed so far, but just having to pay the utilities every month can be a real (dog) sometimes-esp. during the winter months. Having said all that, I see now the importance of taking care of a household, I see the importance of taking care of the monthly bills and having them paid promptly, I see the need of having food on the table. All these things are needed for survival in the world we live in today. Especially if one wishes to marry. I remember saying to myself (I was in my 20s at the time), “If I could just have one year to myself, I’ll consider marriage.” My first attempt by myself was between 9-10 months from May 2003 to February or March 2004. Ten years later, mission accomplished! Had a whole year to myself, and it was a success. Now will I consider the dating game again? Even at this point, I wanna say yes, but it’s too early to tell because I’m in school, and in need of a job conducive to the degree that I’m pursuing, and I’ve gotten back on eBay in recent months, so I’m gradually trying to reestablish myself bit by bit, piece by piece. I recently came across an apartment not too far from school that I’m interested in, and it’s very reasonable, so more than likely I’ll look into it this weekend. But that also means change of address, canceling my current P. O. Box, which I’ve been meaning to do anyway, and figuring out which Kingdom Hall that I’ll be attending be it temporary or permanent. All these things (obviously) are to be taken into serious consideration.

As it’s been said in the movies, “This ain’t my first rodeo, cowboy.” And it ain’t either.