If anyone’s followed me on Facebook, Tumblr, or even on Flickr over the years, you know that I have had a love-hate relationship with Lucky Goldstar over the years. And after the debacles I’ve had with them during my years with Verizon, which I may be going back to with my contract with Sprint expires, I said that I’d never again invest in another LG product. Right away I remembered that phrase “Never Say Never (Again)”. Fast forward to 2014, I work at a school bus terminal, and I see the drivers and secretaries wear these wireless headsets that were Bluetooth, and were headphones as well. Long story short, I decided that I wanted a pair, and eventually got one. The good thing with Sprint was that you could order a pair on the spot, pick it up that same day, and it was added to your bill! Convenience at its best.

Now the flip side. As I said earlier, I already had a history with LG, and most of it wasn’t a good one. Now the picture you see is a white pair, it’s my third one. The first two pairs I had were black, thankfully I have a one year warranty that’s now past its halfway point. So I’m hoping that this will be my last pair. And my contract is halfway up, so I gotta start saving up (iPhone 6, hint hint). Now here’s the straw that broke the camel’s back! I ordered this headset on the last day of February, and was told that they would be there on Tuesday, which was yesterday. But I haven’t received a call or text message about it, and long story short, it was a huge miscommunication that was eventually settled, so while I was on hold, I decided to head out there since I was going to the gym in that area anyway. So just minutes before closing, I was able to get my new headset. I was happy to have them on the day as promised, but this lack of communication, on their part, I knew that my days with Sprint was up! So back to either Verizon or AT&T when my contract is up.