I’ll be very brief with this one. I am very active on the social networks, and I’m beginning to feel the strain of putting in such work just to stay afloat. Right away I thought about the scripture that says: “…To the making of many books there is no end, and much devotion to them is wearisome to the flesh.” That being said, I’m finding out as I get older the folly of “chasing the wind”. I also had another revelation to me as to the social networks are concerned. I’ve also made a change in direction as to the things I add to my favorites on these networks as well as things I “like” on Facebook. Again, a lot of energy is required for such tasks. And being a Bible student, part time college student, full time worker, and part time seller on eBay, job hunting, apartment searching, and squeezing in some workout time, my plate is quite full, to say the least. Having said all that, I’ve decided that from here on out that I will be more selective on what attracts me online, and that I will invest my time into more wholesome and positive things on the social networks. So anything that tickles my fancy that I’d like to add to my faves, being a (single) Christian male, I will see to it that it is ALL in good taste!


Philippians 4:8