I know I’ve brought this subject way too often about being a twin. In recent years, I’ve come across more revelations about myself and him (my brother) to some point, and there was a hidden secret that mom shared with me. One that I knew I had, but wasn’t too sure. That I was originally born to be left handed. I haven’t gravitated towards that the revelation in itself, I was just too thrown off about it. Because I was a fraternal twin, one of us was gonna write with the opposite hand of the other person. It was revealed to me that I was “compelled” to be right handed. But since that revelation, I’ve found myself itching to try writing with my left hand. I was already aware that I was ambidextrous to some point, I shoot pool left handed, and killed my opponents in the process (yes, I’m bragging here). I googled the subject of switching hands, and thankfully the answer was yes! And I was aware before then that it was gonna take time, and lots of discipline. So anywhere between 15-20 a day I’d write or draw some basic words, alphabets, numbers, shapes just to get the feel of it. Even though my left hand is very choppy, as it were, my writing was slightly way better than my right hand writing. I’ll admit, I do feel different to some point. It’s like I’ve recovered something lost, but always had it, yet never utilized it until recently. But in spite of the emptiness of not having my twin around, I feel that I’ve gotten something in return for it. I feel… to some point, complete!