Spending this past week working with my left hand and practicing my letters, words, sentences, and drawing shapes, even doing basic things with my southpaw such as sweeping, cleaning, even wearing my watch on my right wrist. I used to do that when I was a kid. And as stated in my last entry, I was born a lefty, but was forced to be a righty. Having reiterated that, I was determined to utilize my left hand. Like I said, it’s been a week, and already I’ve seen some progress so far. I even switched sides as to what goes in my pockets! So it’s a change as well as a challenge. At this point in time, anywhere between the next few months to the next few years, all depends on my persistency in this regard, I’ll be where I was originally meant to be, a left hander. Not to put away the use if my right for good, but again I will say, I was born a left hander, so I plan to be consistent with practicing the basic exercises until I’m at the level where I am with my right hand. It does feel different to use the other hand. Feels like I have more dominance over myself than I did using my right hand. It’s like it’s easier for me to concentrate more as well as comprehend things easier. Just an observation of things this past week. I try to spend at least 5-20 minutes a day writing with my left hand. It’s paying off slowly but surely!