I swear, me and Tumblr are on some rocky roads right now. Now I just went through a whole lotta trouble trying to get my old domain back, which I was successful, but I’d forgotten that when you have multiple accounts on Tumblr, and you wish to delete one, you end up deleting everything! That being said, all that hard work this past month trying to rebuild the momentum that I had under the JVLIVS name on my first and third run, now for the fourth time, I had to recreate it because my now former account, The Poetic Artist, I got rid of it, and now my JVLIVS account had to go as well! I am not happy at all about this! So now I have to pick up some past followers and start all over again! But the good part about this inconvenience was that I got to start off with a clean slate, and I still have my other Tumblr account that I solely use for my photography. So having said all that, I’ll say that I can still link stuff from Instagram and Pinterest to Tumblr. So this time, God willing, I’m gonna stay on the Big T for good!