I have challenged myself alot since this year began (read the past entries that I’ve posted since January 1 of this year).  This was virtually no different.  With some health problems that I’ve encountered this past year and my photography partner being in and out the hospital (not to be putting her business out), but this past year we have been discussing this subject about going vegan, as it were.  And long story short, we have been experimenting with various foods, even to the point of having a cook-off between ourselves on Instagram (you gotta see it to believe it).  And I was at Starbucks recently, and I had this vegan sandwich that blew my mind (they had no chicken or turkey, and I’ve sworn off pork in recent years).  I forget what kinda bread it was, but it had spinach, mozzarella, and sliced tomato, and I was blown away!  And I said “I gotta make this at home one day!”

Fast forward a few days later on in the week.  Due to a limited budget, I had to settle for frozen vegetables i.e. spinach and carrots, but the tomatoes I bought fresh.  Whole grain bread which put a dent in my wallet, and eventually I made this sandwich.  I put the sandwich together and put it in the oven for about 15-20 minutes, and cut it in half and added some tortilla chips with some snapea crisps and washed it down with a mix of 100% cranberry and orange juice.  I enjoyed myself to say the least!  

No guarantee that I’ll go vegan full bore, but becoming a pescetarian has been on the brain as of late.  I’ve cut down on my alcohol consumption in recent months, so that too, helped.  And thanks to a coworker, I’m trying to cut off pop (again), so that’s been successful so far.  Had no idea how addictive pop really is.  So that’s been a relief despite constant withdrawal symptoms. Now I know how the smokers feel!