I was able to write an entire page with my left hand! With little or no errors. Seeing that I didn’t have any handwriting paper, I had to settle for a regular notepad and improvise (that’s the artist in me). Having said all that, what better way to work this project other the world famous serenity prayer! And I think about a lot of things I’ve gone through over the years, and say what you may about it, but I find no fault with it like some believers do, but that’s another issue I’ll tackle later on. So everyday for two weeks now I’ve been practicing writing numbers, letters, scriptures, sentences, drawing basic shapes with my left hand. No where near fluent with it as I am my right, but I’m determined to do it no matter what!

Now if I was thinking a little further ahead, I woulda made this a part of my 365 project. But I had a better one in mind. Some other time, perhaps.