First of all, I’m not a huge fan of outlet malls with the exception that most of the stores there are wholesale, and for the right amount of money, you’ll make like a bandit. But the long drive, being out in the countryside, in the middle of virtually nowhere, I like the convenience of immediate accessibility. But aside all that, I agreed to assist in driving one of my best friend’s mother back home in Lake City. And after a few hours in Birch Run Outlets, a quick meal at A&W, and another two hour drive up north, it was worth the company. And we were privileged to eat another meal at my friend’s aunt’s house. The meal was modest, but good! I drive the rest of the way home, my friend let me drive his Dodge Charger the rest if the way (yes, I was spoiled rotten by that thing)! It was a vicious piece if machinery to say the least. The Christian association with my fellow JWs, and their family up north, the meals, the entertainment, the driving my friend’s Charger, it’s been an honour and a privilege!