Most times being a photographer and a blogger does have a lot of advantages. Especially when you have a smartphone handy. After class, I went to a Japanese restaurant that was recommended from a friend, and I had the chicken and shrimp special with white rice and mixed veggies and a Spring roll (heckuva lot healthier than an egg roll, I tell ya). And against my own conscience, I had a Cherry Coke to go with it (haven’t had a pop in two weeks), but I refuse to spend two, or three bucks for a bottle of water. But the Cherry Coke was good enough. And again, I’d challenged myself as to whether or not I could eat with chopsticks left handed seeing that I’m learning how to use my left hand as it is. And by good fortune, I was! So I had a blast there at the Food Court in Fairlane Town Center. And for dessert, I treated myself to a Cinnabon.

Not many of those left here in Michigan anymore unfortunately. And yes, I ate that left handed as well.