Man, of all things I’ve tried my hand at over the years, this has got to be one if the few that I stayed with. For the past few weeks that I’ve been training my left hand, I have accomplished the following: writing the alphabet in small and large letters, eating with and without flat/silverware, writing the daily logs at work, doing the monthly inventory at work, signing in at various Planet Fitness locations, eating Japanese food with chopsticks, signing my name, writing sentences, poetry, scriptures, quotations, paragraphs and eventually full pages, drinking, surfing the web, even drawing basic shapes, and many other things that time will not allow me to go into at present. But again, like the list you just read, I am proud to add programming my wireless mouse to left handed use to it! Shockingly I took to it like a fish to water. Having said that, with the secrets that were unlocked about myself (and my twin) in recent years, I have-and will continue to, if the will of God wishes it-take(n) the liberties to unlock more!