The weather has finally broken, and hopefully we have seen the last of this snow! As I went for a walk on a suburban high school track, I never take for granted the good graces of public facility, as well as my health, seeing that I am over a year shy of forty, I’m beginning to see things differently than what I’ve been accustomed to previously.

My thoughts vary this evening. Subjects from where am I gonna move to next year, if possible. How I’m gonna get a new camera by the year’s end, whether or not I wanna get married, how am I gonna successfully go into business, as well as maintain a spiritual routine of bible study as well as bible reading and being more active in the ministry. Having said all that, with Spring in blossom, I see a lot of opportunity for growth in both a spiritual, financial, and of course a physical way.

So many things that I wish to express at this time, but as always, when my mind is filled with so much, time can only go so far at this point. Thankfully with the convenience if my iPhone, I can blog at virtually any time, such as right now. Another convenience that I will never take for granted!