I tell ya, being on Instagram has its moments, both good and bad. Being no stranger to doing a 365 Project, I pretty got it licked in itself, but adding the challenges of posting the same pic on TWO social networks, I’m still getting used to that. And NOW doing a 30 Day Project in addition to the 365 is a major challenge. Unlike the 365, you don’t get to choose random subjects. They set a picture per day that you have to adhere to. Don’t ask who “they” is, or are. Don’t know or care at this point.

So the good thing is I can make the 30 Day project a part of my 365, or I can make separate pic of each, I’d rather just have a pic for both at the same time, but sometimes it doesn’t work like that. Like I said above, with my 365, you can choose random subjects, so if I miss a random subject, my 30 day picture will make up for the deficit!

I’m almost at 100 days for the 365, so this might go smooth, it might not. I’m up for the challenge either way.